Typology: Sales office for a mixed-use tower in the Griffintown neighbourhood of Montreal Completion: 2015 Client: Maître Carré

    Is it a container? A billboard? A show apartment? All of the above, and even a bit more. To give prominence to the project name and the interior that would present the Brickfields apartments, the designers came up with the idea of placing the sales office in stilts.

    Raised in this way, the sales office has a commanding presence. In the evening, lit from within, it highlights the project name: this is the office as billboard, bestowing on it a dual purpose. Furthermore, it is worth noting that the entire office can be picked up and moved, even to be used again on another project.

    Inside, the space has been planned with great care, as it would be in an apartment: everything has been studied down to the smallest details. The kitchen, located in the middle of everything, has a large counter where a visitor can review plans and samples. To one side, the living room serves as a waiting room and screens placed in front of a large sofa display conceptual images of the project. On the other side, the dining room turns into a room where the developer and buyers can meet, with the necessary privacy provided by a glazed partition.

    The wide windows let ample light stream in and present a view of the park that helps render the space warm and welcoming. The materials proposed for the apartments are given pride of place: wood, lacquered cabinetry and matte black granite. The kitchen’s suspension lamp, by Vilardell and Vidal for Vibia, is the ideal complement to the decor.

    Project Manager: Anne-Joëlle Chamberland / Collaborators: Architecture Open Form and Maître Carré